Arizona court gear up for reviews of virus outbreak orders

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Arizona's state court system is preparing for possible hearings and other proceedings to review any future emergency public health orders stemming from the coronavirus outbreak or other communicable and infectious diseases.

An administrative order signed Wednesday by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel assigns at least one Superior Court judges in each of the 15 counties to conduct any required judicial reviews of measures taken by public health agencies to prevent and control diseases.

Brutinel's order also authorizes presiding judges in each county to adopt or suspend local court rules and orders and to take other steps. Those could include having courts operate around the clock and for Superior Courts to handle cases originally filed in lower courts.

"Judicial review of these orders and the opportunity for a person affected by an order to secure judicial review of these measures is required by law," Brutinel's order stated. “The courts must be prepared and available to respond effectively and expeditiously.

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